Linda Coonrad
Jul 3, 8:17 PM
Nice place. Good views. Small bathroom.
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tom cox
Jun 28, 12:46 AM
Good for camera sightseeing. There is a rural read area, but no water. Limited parking but enough room to take a break.
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AL röck
Jun 27, 6:39 AM
Incredible views for day and night photography Bathrooms can be improved but oh well. Overall great place to stop by
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Linda Narumit
May 21, 7:08 PM
The view of the river was beautiful. There was picnic tables and a very nice paved trail.
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David Caffey
Apr 18, 9:32 AM
Great viewing area. Never driven I70 before past CO. Was quite impressed, with this "loneliest stretch of Interstate." I've driven the loneliest stretch of highway (US50 in NV) and can say I70 is the better of the two. For 110 miles there's no exits, no services, no place to turn around. However ever 15 or 20 miles there is these viewing areas. You never want to leave.
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