Fellow Trucker
Mar 27, 3:17 PM
no police
some spots
Ronald Cook
Jun 14, 10:14 PM
A pathetic rest stop. Like most of Canada's rest stops. The washrooms are just a one-holer. No sink. No heat in the winter. Filthy. Just gross. VERY disappointed.
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Gary Saruk
Mar 20, 5:53 PM
Dirty inside. No paper. Door lock not working.
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Dec 14, 5:46 AM
Nice place and all but too many trucks parking there at night when you wanna find a parking spot for your big rig to sleep for the night 😴💤 you can't specially when some dumb people park there half ton in the truck parking area
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James C
Nov 25, 11:35 PM
This is a simple rest area with restrooms which are more than outhouses. There is a nice area to take a break and wander around when the weather is nice (or if you are dressed for the winter weather and want to go for a small nature walk to take a break while on your road trip. The rest stop is well lit at night time.
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Emerson Day
Oct 12, 5:16 PM
Clean stop. Very good view of a farmer field. If you are looking for a place to stop here is it
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Fellow Trucker
Apr 7, 2:39 PM
Dirty bathrooms ?
no police
lots of spots