Fellow Trucker
Apr 30, 1:01 PM
many spots
Jun 11, 12:30 AM
Facilities were clean, picnic area and lawn were up-kept well. Lots of shade with all the trees around.
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Samantha Dennis
Jan 1, 4:37 PM
Stretch time. Peaceful nice.
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Debbie Minke
Nov 30, 1:05 AM
This is one of the cleanest, safest rest stops I have been in. There is always toilet paper and hand soap readily available. In the warmer months, it is s beautiful location, you can walk around, sit at a picnic table and just rest. There are vending machines inside the building if you need a snack or something to drink and there are trash and recycle bins on site too.
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Fellow Trucker
Nov 20, 4:22 AM
few spots
Meegs Tomtom
Oct 29, 6:48 PM
This place is generally clean and well kept.
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Dustin Turner
Jun 18, 5:34 PM
It's an alright Rest Stop, has a selection of vending machines.
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