Walmart Supercenter

John Gillett
Sep 5, 11:18 PM
They have good prices and basically one stop shopping. However.... employees have quite an attitude. The nicest ones are the greeters. So know when you stop... the prices are low and the employees are not very friendly nor helpful.
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Matt Diehl
Aug 26, 5:03 PM
If I wanted to work their I'd apply..they have 20 registers and 2 open the rest is self scan.and the person that was working a register was very slow..2 huge lines .it drives me nuts looking at all the other registers with their light off and empty. Hire some employees to run them registers my God that's what their there for. I can see self scan for small items. If it dont change they will loose my business..yes your cheaper but not by much.
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Angela Green
Jun 29, 7:51 PM
This place just frustrates me. The associates, as a whole, are usually friendly and helpful. The issue with this particular location is their ability to stock the shelves. They are out of items more times than not. Shelves are often bare on the most basic items. I usually check their stock on the app or website. What is often shown as being in stock is actually not there when I arrive. I often go to the other location on Harding Highway because they usually have everything I need. The self checkout terminals are great when in a hurry. Overall not bad but often feels like a wasted trip.
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Nancy Morrow
Jun 25, 11:42 PM
I love this service. I am handicapped and often Can't get a electric cart. I have had no issues and appreciate the attitude and helpfulness of the workers. Nothing but thumbs up!
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Phil Pockras
Jun 22, 7:18 PM
Easy to find. We like this store's layout. Easy to find stuff. Today, anyway, plenty of registers were open. We used a self-serve unit. The only problem was that one of our purchases was wrongly coded, so there were problems. Staff fixed them courteously, cheerily, & correctly. Prices were astonishing on milk & eggs -- 94¢/gal & 48¢/doz, respectively. Also, this store carries a variety of juice that my wife loves, which our "home" store doesn't. Good store & good experience.
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