ironhead hooligan
Jul 19, 3:19 PM
So the food lady was makin some badass tacos for someone😀..idk who cuz the lady before me thought they were for her..but the food lady said no😞 then it was my turn..i asked for a plate...its 10am and they had some carne guisada..she said i only have for tacos😶 i asked for some picadillo"plate"..same reply..only have for tacos..😱😠😡.wow i guess only her fiends or whoever..gets good tacos..but i couldnt get a plate..thanks food lady.👍 a trucker..where im goin..there is no place to buy food nearby...will deff be excited to stop here again!!😒👎
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Mirella Guerrero
Apr 10, 5:26 PM
Food was good, but i asked a lady to put a gordita to toast and she made a face like if it was going to be a lot of work, well they gave my husband his tacos but she never prepared my gordita, when we were ready to pay they asked her about it and she made a bad face again, i told her never mind i dont want it anymore, i was afraid it would make me sick since she was going to make it in a bad manner. Her name was Soki or Choky . Im sorry lady, but if a customer asks for something in a good polite way, there is no need for those kind of expressions, Stay home if you dont want to work.
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David Esquivel
Dec 30, 2:19 AM
I love the popcorn chicken
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inspector inspector
Dec 24, 11:35 PM
Yeah it's okay place to go
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Wilfredo Ramos Jr.
May 17, 10:09 AM
Love the tacos, I eat here about four days a week.
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