life with sisters 12
Aug 15, 9:40 PM
Very good place. Very clean, nice looking women, very good food at reasonable prices
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Michael Murphy
Aug 11, 5:24 AM
lots of parking, had to get PM service and dot done wasn't in a hurry took them about 6hrs to get to me had to call them and then took about 3hrs to get truck done was waiting around for dot guy but did a 34hr here was hot but its Texas folks inside was cool
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Samuel Arredondo
Aug 5, 9:17 PM
Buffet was messy after noon meal.sat there for about 45 min. To see if fresh food on buffet was going to be refreshed did not happen.left disappointed. Never will eat there.
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KDB Rodriguez
Jul 22, 5:54 PM
We pumped gas and used the restrooms while driving on a trip. The women's restrooms were awful. Apparently, the toilets won't flush unless you press and hold the button. Most people don't check after they flush, so after checking several stalls, I noticed every single one had not been flushed properly. It was very disgusting. Not stopping here again.
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Dinesh Shrestha
Jul 18, 3:34 AM
It’s huge. It’s bigger than it actually looks. It has subway, fast food and restaurant. Tried chicken wings and tenders in one of the shops, it was not that great. Chicken looks expired. The restroom needs maintenance. 2 out of 3 restrooms were out of order. Gas at great price. Huge parking lot.
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Fellow Trucker
May 28, 4:28 PM
lots of spots
Thomas Z.
May 15, 11:14 AM
This place is 'hit or miss'. I mostly go here for the salad bar because I can't find a better one in Big Spring. The lettuce is rough and mean (except I...
Tiki R.
May 4, 12:40 PM
DO NOT GO HERE!!! We ordered 2 cheeseburgers and a club sandwich. It took 40 minutes to get our food that wasn't eatable. The bathrooms are disgusting!
Fellow Trucker
Feb 20, 5:00 PM
Typical oilfield takeover of a truck stop.
lots of spots
Steve S.
Apr 29, 11:03 AM
Very sorry I even have to give a lone star just seems wrong in The Great State of Texas . Without a doubt the most Filthy Decussating restrooms I have ever...