Fellow Trucker
Apr 26, 9:05 PM
lots of spots
Taylor Smith
Dec 7, 7:35 PM
Has good Mexican food for a gas station.
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Cindy Miller
Mar 25, 3:22 PM
Bought some breakfast tacos there.. Very little product in tortilla, tortillas were very dry, even eggs were dried out and hard. Manager tried telling me that it was because of the thickness of the tortilla. Told her that the thickness dont matter if its dried out! Tried blaming it on a new employee, any kind of manager over sees everything and makes sure everything stays fresh! Do your job Ruth!
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Richard Nead
Feb 1, 8:28 PM
Use to have the best tacos years ago when I was last here, now the tort's are very stale & dry perhaps frozen & thawed out ? Just terrible.
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Seth Smith
Jan 15, 2:04 AM
For being a little place with truck parking its very nice. Staff is friendly, showers are very clean. And a cash shower is only $5.41 total, and that is including better towels than most of the big truck stops.
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Mitch Soto
Dec 14, 6:45 AM
Food is ok. Always have to check it though because they never seem to get it correct. Gas pumps rarely give gas receipts, but that probably isn't too big of a problem for people.
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