Lora Heyen
May 14, 2:04 AM
Very nice and clean rest area, who ever is taking care of it is doing a super excellent good job!!!!! Thank you, nice to have a clean well kept place to stop at
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AJ Heil
Feb 24, 2:46 AM
Beautiful little rest stop location! We stayed here quite awhile!
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Debbie Glass
Sep 11, 2:14 PM
Hard to find, (no sign!) but very good information provided!
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James Goudy
Jun 27, 9:08 PM
This has the foulest outhouse/pit toilet in Montana. Hopefully this won't make a "crappy" town. It is best to stay clear.
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Fellow Trucker
Apr 24, 9:54 PM
no police
lots of spots
sushi oconnor
Nov 8, 3:46 PM
This place holds special memories for me... Somehow, I remember as a positive experience, parking here for a cat nap one night I was traveling through to Michigan. My car got backed into by a semi, but I was parked illegally, behind them about 20 ft. But the yellow curb was scrapped off, and they were parked illegally also... gave the car to my mother-in-law... ;)
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