AMBEST Fuel Stop

Adrianna Montoya
Mar 23, 8:47 PM
The woman working today at 3:40 was so rude and asked me if I was staring at "her man" and was very hostile and when I asked to speak to a manager she said she was in charge and didn't want to give any number to an advisor. Then wished me a good day very sarcastic and rudely. She asked if I had problem and what was I staring at, was so rude she was really rude and I was very distracted by trying to look for a charger but she didn't have act crazy jealous over me that was weird! She shouldn't have her boyfriend at the job site if she's gonna harass customers. Noone cares about ur boo! Just saying
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Pariah Nation
Sep 3, 3:18 PM
This 5 star rating is for the Stripes located at the corner of 71 and the Loop. The ladies who make the tacos give excellent service.
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Jan 21, 7:16 PM
This place always have the wrong price this is call false advertising price show 2.61 credit 2.57 cash went we pay 2.89 so convenience no manager.. they say o manager will call you yea rite. I call this stilling..
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Fellow Trucker
Jun 10, 12:53 AM
few spots
H Aguilar
Oct 26, 2:32 PM
Rating the Laredo taco company! Employees all young can't even make a tortilla! Square and thick, more tortilla than anything else. See photo. Bacon and egg was fresh supposedly, was all dried up. The employee over here mopping with some nasty water, I just walked by the mop bucket and almost threw up! And she went on mopping the whole store with it.
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Jes S.
Jun 10, 1:26 PM
Great place to stop and pick up some tacos, drinks and snacks. Clean restrooms. The staff were nice. There is some few spots for Truck parking. TRUCK DRIVERS be careful when entering or exiting you will hit the shoulder if your nor careful
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