Weigh Station

Surveillance System
Sep 3, 9:45 PM
Traffic has been detecting at the station for the past few hours
May 25, 12:13 AM
Jim Kelly
Oct 6, 6:08 PM
They do the job we need not to have our roads ruined.
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Freedom Fighter
Oct 1, 2:16 AM
Busy place ?
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nick farris
Apr 18, 1:51 AM
I had an inspection on my boom truck, the first one ever for me. And the gentleman that did it was awesome. He let me ask questions and learn why and what they look for. I was impressed and all around it wasn't a bad ordeal at all. I think the staff there are doing something for all of us to keep the roads safe. And that, to me at least, means a lot.
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Fellow Trucker
Apr 25, 10:34 PM
Hot and heavy on level ones they are inspecting 4 trucks now
3 min
Fellow Trucker
Jan 9, 2:04 AM
Fellow Trucker
Aug 2, 6:26 PM
Closed, doing level 1 on several trucks
Fellow Trucker
Jun 23, 1:24 AM
Closed, Someone home
Fellow Trucker
Apr 27, 1:42 AM
Just weighing
Fellow Trucker
Apr 26, 5:59 PM
Fellow Trucker
Apr 25, 2:54 AM