Allen Rushton
Jun 18, 4:29 AM
Great place for a break in the middle of the long drive Alamo to Ely. Clean restrooms with running water and flush toikets
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Dennis Anderson
Jun 4, 3:43 PM
Bathrooms so filthy they are potty would be cleaner.
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Belal Haidari
Apr 30, 7:03 AM
No parking after 12:00 am lol There’s beautiful place around of here
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James Dickson
Mar 9, 4:50 AM
A bit questionable if this is a chosen stopping place at night. It's well lit but strange things happen in the lot when the sun goes down. Two spacious restrooms and more than adequate parking out front. This place can be a lifesaver since it's in the middle of nowhere...and it's been there for me several times over the years. It has a small picnic area for a quick bite also.
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Lori Lewis
Feb 28, 7:18 PM
A stop in between Ely and Las vegas. Get out a stretch freshen up a bit before heading on down road....
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Fellow Trucker
May 4, 10:40 PM
many spots
Fellow Trucker
Apr 4, 12:06 AM
Rest area closed but still a little bit of parking
few spots