Rayann Keyes
Jul 18, 8:14 PM
It's a rest area. Bathroom is dirty and has no running water. There IS a working water fountain there. There was a sunburned, bearded, seemingly homeless man there sleeping under the shaded picnic table. We couldn't figure out how he got there or who would just leave him there. Traveling w my adult daughter. He kinda made us feel uneasy but he seemed nice enough (?) This place is literally "out in the middle of nowhere". He was gone on our trip back, 2 days later. I felt relieved for his sake. We didn't stop coming back.
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Vladimir Vargas
Jul 1, 6:28 PM
Good place to rest, clean restrooms, large parking and picnic tables. When we arrive the restrooms had been cleaned recently
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Jim Dempsey
Jun 24, 8:44 PM
large parking area, clean facilities, some shading around nice picnic areas, but too windy to enjoy, which os NOT the fault of the facility
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Andrew Truffin
May 12, 2:09 PM
Nice little place to take a break use the restroom eat some lunch underneath the covered picnic tables bathrooms were pretty clean.
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Fellow Trucker
May 4, 10:40 PM
no police
lots of spots
Fellow Trucker
Apr 4, 12:06 AM
Rest area closed but still a little bit of parking
no police
some spots
Trina Q
Mar 1, 4:10 AM
Nice and open space to stretch and park...even the semis! They always have toilet paper..... THANK YOU!! I always come prepared and every single time I have stopped, there was always tp. Thank you!
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