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Jamajo's Legacy
Jul 8, 11:43 PM
They had just closed when we got there. But still, getting out of the truck, a fox ran by. Like how often does THAT happen in my life? Never. There are MANY Prairie Ground squirrels, cheeping and burrowing. Hope the fox has a good dinner. [so does the ranger]. It's very green there. there is a 15 min walk around the swampland. I forget what they call it, it's NOT swampland. We didn't go because skeeters were coming out in droves. Idaho is skeeter Nation. ALL the skeeters in the USA go to Idaho for the summer. The bathrooms...made from cedar logs and MAN do they smell good! They have maps there on boards, outside. It's quite a nice place. However, coming to it from the, Lolo pass road? Is that what it's called? 7 hours to go 204 miles. Ain't goin' back.
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Tre H
Jul 4, 10:12 PM
Loved riding along the Lewis and Clark / Nez Pierce trail. So much amazing American history to learn by just stopping at placards to and from Lolo pass. There were two park employees working that day that were super friendly and most excellent to talk to. The actual stop at Lolo pass visitor center is a must. Tons more history about the native people that once protected and harnessed this land as well as stories of Lewis and Clark. Great place to stop and see!
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Kirk-Ramona Keller
Jun 22, 3:26 AM
A great place to stop, stretch your legs with a short hike on one of the trails, grab coffee or tea, explore the interpretive displays, buy a book on early explorers, history, wildflowers, etc. Staff were very friendly and knowledgeable. Clean restrooms. Definitely will stop again when passing through. Beautiful country!
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james pruitt
Jun 12, 6:03 PM
It was very nice, took the little wetland walk, got quite a few pictures of wild flowers, some new to me. It is run by the National Forest folks and was very clean. The small ground squirrels were quite entertaining.
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Karrie Farran
May 7, 2:42 AM
We go here often. Great place anytime of the year. Winter recreation is so much fun, snow mobile trails are awesome. Cross country skiing forever. Great slide areas for the kids to play on their sleds. Visitor center folks are very informative and knowledgeable. They have hot coco and coffee to warm you up "free," maps, info packets of the area and displays of animals /birds you might encounter while up there exploring. Altitude is at 5255 feet, snow this year was at 8foot at the pass level. So beautiful! Summer you can walk, bike and I think quads,/dirt bikes are allowed. The beauty is endless in the summer.
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Thomas Wallace
Mar 6, 2:53 AM
YUP šŸ˜ŽšŸš›
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