Walmart Supercenter

Alex Esparza
May 30, 1:37 PM
Customer service was great except for the assistant manager. I was walking around to see what I needed to buy, while at the electronics area I noticed him being really rude to one of the employees. I heard him say, "if you're gonna take your break, make sure your station is taken care of". I understand is normal to say that, but the way he said it was like if that employee was a child. I later asked the employee who he was and told me it was the assistant manager, that's how I knew who he was. I for certain wouldn't work here with that type of leadership.
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Jeremy Jensen
May 26, 7:37 PM
Ant in electronics war very helpful and upbeat. Awesome personality and great customer service. This is one of the few Walmart’s I’ve been to where people ask if they can help me
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Ebony Edwards
Apr 23, 7:44 PM
Decent Walmart, but never do grocery pick-up here. Never on time, very unorganized. Did grocery pick up for 3-4pm, my groceries weren’t ready until 7:30pm. So I gave it another try & the same exact thing happened. Don’t waste your time.
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donald carsner
Mar 7, 3:23 AM
Better then Beavervreek Walmart but behind Xenias Walmart
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Deanna Leroux
Mar 1, 6:28 PM
First time I tried pick up svc and it was such an amazing experience! Easy to do, very attentive and professional young people brought the groceries out. Selection of my fresh fruits and veggies were better than I can do! Can't wait to use this service for all groceries. And those employees did it all in a son sleet rain mix miserable weather!!
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