Walmart Supercenter

Hunter Patterson
Oct 7, 5:43 AM
Friendly neighborhood Wal Mart. My biggest gripe is almost everytime you shop here, someone is inside trying to sell you services, our outside the doors tying up traffic trying to peddle something as well. Clean store. Friendly service.
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Rick Thompson
Oct 6, 3:08 AM
Don't normally bother reviewing Walmart but... Needed car battery. Most cars they install the battery for free. But some, like my Impala Limited, are difficult so they don't. I took the old one out with a bit of difficulty and took it to Walmart. The one the electronic guide & paper book identified WRONG one. Very slightly larger but terminals were reversed. Thing is I would have bought it, taken it home and probably wasted an hour trying to install it if LARRY in the auto department hadn't noticed. He found proper replacement by using numbers off the old battery and saved me enormous frustration. That is exceptional customer service! Thanks again Larry!
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Kim Hagan
Sep 10, 4:24 PM
Shelves & freezers not stocked. Asked our great cashier and she said that they were cutting hours. For a large franchise like Walmart that's crazy. I'm to the point that may have to go to another store to get the things I need for my family. I better see some big changes or you will lose my business.
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Shannon Noreikas
Sep 1, 7:41 PM
I went to the vision center today to get glasses and rx sunglasses. Deanna helped me pick a regular pair. She also explained the options for lenses for both pairs. It was a very easy process. Deanna was a huge help!
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TheButtonz129 .
Aug 27, 8:48 PM
Prices are wonderful, although certain staff and managers shouldn't be working there. I went to this Walmart location today and the guy at the Self Scan checkout acted if he didn't want to assist me. Then when the female manager came over she decided to help another customer instead of me. Those two had very poor customer service skills.
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