John D.
Apr 22, 7:20 PM
A five-star review for a gas station? Really?! Yes, really. This is seriously maybe the nicest gas station/rest/truck stop I've ever been to―and I've been...
Carissa K.
Apr 22, 2:55 PM
Best gas station/rest stop ever! The price of gas was exactly the same from when we filled up at Costco in San Jose this morning. I walked inside and it...
Bryan P.
Feb 7, 5:30 AM
What can be said about this truck stop Geez Are all the truck pumps broken ? I swear I had to hold it the whole time and mess with it to keep it flowing...
Xiong Yang
Jul 19, 10:40 PM
I think this Flying J establishment gets worse every visit I make,... Granted, I tend to fuel up late but it seems like the bare minimum effort is in effect to just keep it abreast. It's a shame that this location is so unkempt (hand written notes of toilet malfunctions, strange jewelry shop in the corner, dirty public restrooms, dirty fuel pumps,... Etc.) in an otherwise decently situated fuel stop just passed the mountains (Northbound) of L.A. or before then if you're headed south. On particularly windy days you'll feel a decent gale and when it gets really cold you'll be fortunate to see some frost and snow, it's quick l quite an interesting spot to be in during the seasons! It's easy to see from the freeway and easy to access and exit. There is plenty of parking and a Motel 6 in the back lot, if you're really feeling the need to check-in. Nonetheless, there's nothing charming about the place and every other time I'm there the pumps are notoriously unreliable, I'm sad to see state it's been reduced to. By the way, you're only getting 87, here. No other grades available, be forewarned. In closing, I left the establishment the wee morning of July 19th, 2018 knowing that the overhead music was from one of the cashiers' mobile phone rubber-banded to the store's telephone PA system... This'll probably be the last I visit this Flying J. Again, nothing charming and just bare bones minimum.
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Jennifer Butler
Jul 19, 10:21 PM
Standard travel stop. Had a nice variety of snacks and the employees were nice. Needs a good deep cleaning. The bathrooms are totally gross and smell funny. Store itself is funky.
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Julia Sushinskaya
Jul 8, 12:39 AM
It's decent. Prices for snacks are slightly steep. Bathrooms are super dirty and smelly. But the food they serve is really good. I tried their pizza and chicken noodle soup.
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Debbie Barber
Jul 5, 4:40 AM
Came for gas and was amazed at what the market had to offer! Fresh muffins, biscuits and gravy, sandwiches, plus the usual snacks and soda bars. Certainly worth planning to stop here!
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corn flap
May 19, 7:51 AM
Skipped the Pedro at the bottom of the hill so I wouldn't have so much to drive in the morning, only to find that the showers are out of order. ALL OF THEM!!! Magically, they'll be ready at 6A. I don't see a plumber anywhere. If your employees don't feel they should have to do their jobs, perhaps this isn't the place for them. Today is May 18, 2018. Just after 1130p. So much for "Park your truck and come inside for a clean, hot shower." How about 30 days of shower credits for my inconvenience?!!?!? OK, now I seriously want 30 days of free showers for my inconvenience. I inspected showers 6 and 16. Both fully operational, hot and cold running water from all the fixtures and a flushing toilet. Your night clerk is a L I A R !!! This is a truck stop. I am a truck driver. Your business is here for our convenience, not the other way around. I'll be speaking to the manager in the morning.
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Fellow Trucker
Dec 9, 5:13 AM
lots of spots
Fellow Trucker
Nov 28, 9:26 PM
lots of spots
Fellow Trucker
Oct 28, 12:35 AM
lot is full
Fellow Trucker
Apr 9, 12:55 AM
Needs remodeling it's old
lots of spots