Walmart Supercenter

Lisa Coffey
Jun 8, 12:17 AM
It's nice to go to but here lately it's been a little empty so can much groceries like before
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Thom Mollohan
Jun 7, 5:17 PM
We've been using their order and pickup service. They do a good job!
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Misty Mills
May 14, 5:50 PM
I purchased a pair of shoes.. Well two different sizes.. So a Bday gift that cant be used.. But blow Joe behind me can return electronics.. And Andrea management is very nasty.. Will be reporting to better business.. Pathetic..
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Dayib N
Apr 24, 9:21 PM
Semi truck drivers! Avoid stopping this place. Yes you can pick up and deliver this location, BUT this is small location, the parking very congested. Even if you want to stop for shopping. SIMPLY AVOID IF YOU CAN. Overnight parking? Maybe but again but it’s congested. Other reviewers mentioned that this place closes 8:30 pm. MAY BE IT’S BECAUSE OF THE COVID-19.
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Will Tayes
Mar 20, 11:20 AM
Poor customer service. No one answering phones. I called for info on product availability, and when I finally got an answer, I was told to call in back in an hour and maybe she'd have time to check.
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