Walmart Supercenter

Chris Starcher
Oct 11, 4:48 AM
They seem to be a larger store with the inventory of a smaller one. Since the women from surrounding county's come to this one to steal "no women's jail" the loss prevention is always stalking the wrong people. I would rate it a one star but the cart pushers do a really good job keeping carts where they need to be.
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Patricia Carlson
Oct 1, 9:43 AM
They have everything and nice people go their and work their .
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Jonnie Beers
Sep 24, 1:45 AM
Some employees don't know what they are doing, even ones who's been there for years. I don't like going to this Wal-Mart unless I have to. They don't have enough registers open when it is busy, I'm not talking about the self check-out. They need to stop moving everything around and don't know where anything is anymore. Need to make sure shelves are stocked and not empty when it is busy. There's more issues with this store but you get the point.
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Dean Lambert
Aug 24, 5:12 PM
Jessica, the mobile phone concierge, was very friendly and helpful. She provided excellent customer service.
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Barbie McKenzie
Apr 20, 6:57 PM
Great prices. Most of the employees are nice and helpful. They keep resetting the store, which to me is a big pain in the butt getting use to where everything is again. For the most part the store is clean.
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