Brent Turnbull
Jun 13, 2:22 PM
Don't pay too much attention to the haters. I go there to have my truck washed. The employees are super cool and they do an excellent job! Denny's was also good with polite service. The store was clean and had what I was looking for.
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Travel & Profit
Jun 7, 4:19 PM
Place is disgusting. Bathrooms have poop rubbed on the wall, smell like they've neven been cleaned. Showers have mold growing in them, fans don't work. Laundry is ok if the machines are actually working. They don't give change or laundry supplies like the sign says in the laundry room. It's a disgrace to the flying j name. Needs to have a major reno and new management.
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Volodymyr R
Jun 7, 1:39 PM
No comments
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Roger Pardiac
May 24, 3:58 PM
Clean and friendly
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Scott Wilkins
Apr 14, 3:24 AM
Not like inthe States, but good for area. Could be cleaner. Limited parking.
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Mark Williams
Mar 22, 11:05 PM
Perhaps one of the worst Flying J's around. It is independently owned: not a corporate Flying J. Parking is sparse and uneven. In other words, you will be sleeping at an awkward angle. The local independent drivers take up most of the little parking that there is, so come very early if you hope to get a place. The showers are in need of upgrading, to say the least. It has a post office, of all things. Why? Also, a very extensive liquor store. Again, why? The good? There's a nice bar, restaurant, and motel. They account for the 2 stars. Without them, it would be a zero. The Flying J on the east side of Edmonton is a far better option (4-5 stars).
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Shannon Saprikin
Mar 7, 6:17 PM
Best Denny's for service at night, as long as it's not the east Indian woman serving (she's very unorganized and slow, likes chatting up the guys, I've waited about 45min after already waiting 20min and asking for a refill to actually get it and she's take an hour and a half to get my bill ) or the coloured guy cooking (he uses tones of oil when cooking, so much I filled my glass about 1/3 of the way With excess oil from my plate). If it's Ursula or Renà serving (best servers, very attentive, makes sure your taken care of)and anyone else cooking your golden
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Glo Rempel
Mar 1, 2:21 PM
Recently visited this place for lunch. I liked the fact that I was served rather quickly...the waitress was friendly. The food however was not very good !!! I ordered soup & sandwich. I had a grill cheese sandwich--made with cheese slices instead of Brick cheese-- Disgusting !!! The soup was a little on the watered down side !! There is a huge parking lot but it is not set up very well for customers. I did not see any Handicap Parking available, which should have been close to the entrance. Washrooms are available. I'm not sure if this post should be for "Denny's" restaurant instead of "Flying J". They are both connected.
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Антон Кожуро
Feb 17, 6:38 PM
It’s dump. Very dirty.
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John H.
Nov 30, 3:23 AM
This is not just a truck stop as some might think it is. You need some place to shower while on a road trip, you can do that here, same as laundry with coin...
Jan 29, 12:12 AM
Disgusting showers , need boots instead of flip flops ?
Kurt Smithson
Jul 29, 12:43 AM
Dirty bathrooms, terrible food (when it exists) and poorly trained staff. Most of the parking slots in the back for the trucks are taken up by junk trucks old rv's and equipment. It looks like a wrecking yard in there. If you're houred out do yourself a favor and go to the Esso across the street or find the husky truck stop or the petro pass in Acheson.
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Paulette B.
Jan 11, 7:57 PM
Went to Flying J to get fuel. Unable to swipe card at the pump. The buckets that should hold windshield wash were all empty. This is an important and...