Howard L.
Sep 21, 3:16 PM
Came here when I was heading back from Mishawaka and wanted to give this place a shot since I was in need of gas, food and drinks. The Starbucks there is...
Alli S.
Jul 11, 8:42 AM
This was the nicest travel plaza I've been to! It is extremely modern and clean inside. It has a Sbarro, Starbucks, Popeyes, and a huge convenience and gift...
Tony S.
Aug 10, 6:25 AM
While this facility was pretty clean, they do not have the Food Court selection that the Travel Stop areas in Ohio have. And in the men's restroom, of the 7...
InkRedAble Productions
Jul 18, 7:42 AM
Just keep up the bathroom tidiness. Loved the facility. #InkRedAble
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Don E. Smith
Jul 17, 12:09 AM
Nice, clean and quiet. Not overly busy. I didn't have to wait for a 💩 er!
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Sheena D
Jul 14, 2:49 PM
Very nice rest stop. But never buy anything. Food prices are for their Pizza hut , McDonald's, burger king, or whatever that particular one has, is triple the price then what a normal franchise has for some reason. Pizza SLICE was about $7!
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Andrea Holt
Jul 1, 5:45 PM
This is a beautiful facility, but it is totally mismanaged. Everything in the bathroom was wet - water? Who knows? There was no toilet paper. The food in the display case at Starbucks was covered in flies. So gross! The employees at the fresh grill food counter couldn't have been more disinterested in doing their jobs. It took 15 minutes to make 2 hamburgers and a hot dog and the food was gross. The non-communicative woman who was "cleaning" the restrooms came out and started "cleaning" the dining area with the same gloves on.
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Meg Swanson
May 29, 11:07 AM
While very clean and offers several amenities (Starbucks, bathrooms, convenient store, etc) the service at the fresh counter was slow, and incompetent. I waited for 20 minutes and still managed to have an order of fries forgotten. Traveling with kids and even road weary adults, when stopping, need to eat with expedience and to have to deal with antsy kids and slow service was unacceptable.  And all that was offered for my wait was a free beverage. While I was a waitress if any one had to wait that long for food at least part of the meal would have been refunded and an apology would have been given by a manager.  Not so here. Next time you have to stop here, go to Starbucks or Popeyes.
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