May 7, 12:41 AM
If you don't want to get harassed by state pigs STAY AWAY, STAY CLEAR. We stopped to pee, come out of bathroom to pigs all over my truck. Totally legal and because I told them they could not search my truck, both my wife and I were arrested. Going to fight it all the way.
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Michael Thompson
Mar 8, 8:50 PM
Nice little rest area
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Grayson Tarbox
Feb 4, 7:23 PM
When you're off the beaten path and need to take a quick rest, this is a nice stop. The bathrooms are stocked and clean, there's a picnic table that's partly shaded for a breakfast, second breakfast, or any of the other Hobbit meals. Most important of all, it's nice and quiet for some reflection.
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Renate Kesler
Sep 15, 3:15 AM
Best rest stop! Nice picnic area and clean rest rooms. Beautiful view!
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Justin Hirst
Jun 15, 4:56 AM
Simple rest stop with nice picnic tables under trees. Simple bathrooms. Easy to pull on and off the highway, with a one-way circle driveway, so no need to back out.
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