Tom jons
May 29, 1:01 PM
No Not good for trucks
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mike hollen
Feb 23, 12:06 PM
Good gas not watered down, they also have quick eat's and treats also have restrooms available on site.
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Dec 21, 2:24 AM
I love this place and its really close to my house and cheap prices the staff are very nice really close to a Subway good place to stop when your getting off the highway or off the rode
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Jacob Hosler
Dec 12, 3:07 PM
Subway is usually pretty quick. Always tastes good
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Sep 6, 7:23 PM
I rarely ever stop here. I literally go out of my way to avoid this gas station. The last time I was here I stopped in to get a drink before heading into work. The lady behind the counter (heavy set with short hair) was dipping her fingers into a tortilla cheese dip container and licking it off of her fingers right at the register. The cheese was all stuck in her rings and under her nails. Before she started to serve me she just quickly wiped her fingers off on a random cheese crusted crumbled up rag and grabbed for the TOP of my drink! I quickly pulled it away and told her I would hold my stuff while she scanned. She gave me a dirty look and was short with me as if I was acting out unnecessarily. Never went back, totally gross. I guess that's what you can expect from a gas station. But still, utterly disgusting!
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Fellow Trucker
Jan 19, 6:27 PM
lots of spots