Fellow Trucker
Jan 24, 12:01 AM
lots of spots
Kathycarryonwaywardson Carey
May 26, 3:50 PM
Good food. Service a bit slow.
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Sarah DiRocco
May 11, 5:25 PM
Great place to stop, nice lot, nice store, reasonable prices. Stop at the diner and get the chicken fried steak. The reviews are right! So much food ya need two people to eat it. Service was great, everything was clean. Have fun, be safe
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Alice Hinnen
May 2, 12:03 AM
Love their Senior Specials on Tuesday nights.
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Pamela Teague
Feb 27, 11:15 PM
If you don't mind being starred at and followed to the bathroom then by all means this is the place for you. My advice try Love's.
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B B.
Dec 5, 5:50 PM
This convenience store is a gem in disguise. It has a lot of great snacks both cold and hot. Pizza. Hot dogs. Hamburgers. The coffee here is awesome as...
Glo Rea
Nov 15, 3:09 PM
Great place to stop. Super friendly staff & clean.
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Guy N.
Aug 3, 6:55 PM
The staff is friendly and helpful. They do well to keep the place clean. The showers are very tiny with just enough room to turn around in if your not a big...