Jul 25, 2:15 PM
lots of spots
Mike Galvin
Jun 7, 12:49 PM
Great place for truck parking but Apparently Loves bought it so they will, most likely, eliminate a bunch of parking. Just to ensure that they are Full by 7pm.
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RMD 1986
May 23, 8:38 PM
Nice place
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Gary Duck
May 10, 3:29 AM
Some of the staff is friendly. Some don't have a clue and don't care if you come in or not. Half the time you can't shower because they don't have ran towels. Checkout line is often slow!
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May 9, 7:55 AM
First time here and likely my last unless i end up here because no hours. Two stars because Dunkin Doughnuts wasn't bad. Other than that, only thing they had a lot of was chips. Rest of store a ghost town. ATM not working for 2 months? Really?
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Fellow Trucker
May 3, 2:48 PM
lots of spots
Dmitriy Kaganov
Apr 20, 4:01 PM
5 stars for parking. Large lot. Reasonably clean. Easy to get out back on the interstate. 4 stars for Dunking Doughnuts. In the morning only 1 person was working so was a bit of a wait. 2 stars for shower. Neither shower or toilet were clean. Forgotten used wet washcloth. The only good things are the size and decent water pressure.
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Jakob Idland
Apr 6, 2:45 AM
No DEF for trucks, and not too friendly staff. Fast pumping diesel pumps, though. Ok bathrooms.
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Cory Holt
Apr 4, 10:30 PM
Decent lot no food. Restaurant closed permanently, dunk in donuts anything hot has been microwaved, hot case has no lights so ya can't see how old the food is. Won't be back
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Samuel Billing
Mar 23, 9:19 PM
Good parking and clean surroundings. No restaurant (closed), shelves bare, coolers about empty. If you need more than gas/diesel, coffee and restrooms go elsewhere. IF that is all you need, it's a good place to stop
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Donald Harvill
Mar 1, 1:48 AM
Plenty of parking, the restraunt is never open, But they do have a DUNKIN DONUTS! Open 24 -7
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Joseph Morgan
Sep 16, 12:33 AM
Always plenty of truck parking, awesome food at the Georgia diner attached. Very quiet
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Karen B.
Jul 1, 12:05 PM
Very friendly staff. Stopped in based on previous Yelpers review. Burger was good & cooked to order. I agree fries could be better if they got real taters &...
Zack M.
Mar 17, 5:25 PM
I travel the country for a living. I have eaten burgers from California to New York and back again. I can say without question that the finest burger I have...