Martin LaVenture
Sep 17, 6:58 PM
We stopped here on our road trip from Minneapolis to International Falls and Voyageurs National Park. This rest area was a very pleasant surprise. It was a new and clean facility and had many nice amenities like a small playground, a nature trail, a dog walking area and more.
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Gregory Colberg
Sep 8, 8:20 PM
Clean, no wait time for restroom. Beautiful grounds.
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Trudi Reed
Jul 18, 8:39 PM
As of 7/16/19 this is not open 24/7...its not open at all. My experience doesnt match the great reviews ive read of this sure it is a fine rest area when theres running water and the doors are open to the building to access the vending machines. There is a row of port-o-potties on the sidewalk...didnt check those out. Honestly would feel safer going to the bathroom on the side of the highway vs here. The building doors were locked with signs stating they had no water. I had stopped mainly because my son had wanted a lil snack and was confused to why they couldnt just lock the bathroom doors if theres no water instead of the whole building.
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Sara Tallman
May 24, 12:01 AM
Seems like the newer facilities are further from parking area. When the main reason is to use a toilet it should be closer. Was clean and in working order, that's what's important.
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Dennis Garrett
Mar 19, 1:50 AM
As far as rest areas go...this place is great. I've traveled to a lot over the last couple of years and have learned to appreciate some of the simple things while on the road. Namely a clean, safe rest area with clean restrooms! This place has them! Also a nice enclosed warm lobby (it's March and cold after all).
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Fellow Trucker
Dec 21, 3:43 PM
no police
some spots