Jason Dreier
Jul 11, 2:33 AM
One of the nicest and cleanest rest stops I've ever been in. Scenic setting
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Hugo Hackenbush
Jul 11, 12:17 AM
Very well maintained, quiet, playground, semis and 4 wheelers have separate areas
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Mark Esslinger
Jun 21, 4:17 PM
Clean with bathroom and water. Great walking area, pet area, and even playground. Walking paths and pond nice nature viewing
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Catherine B Dickson
Jun 6, 2:01 AM
Very pretty nice place to stop clean and great green space
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Fellow Trucker
Dec 21, 3:43 PM
no police
some spots
Warren Mayberry
Sep 10, 11:04 PM
This rest area is just about perfect. After you take care of necessities, walk out the back door and check out the lake area behind the building. Plenty of birds and small animals present and if you are up for a short walk, there's a paved path back into the wooded area closer to the lake. The path is also wheelchair accessible so everyone can experience some peace and quiet. This rest area really is worth the time to stop and unwind for a half-hour or so. Try it and see.
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