Welcome Center

Randy Erwin
Jul 13, 3:04 PM
Clean nice restroom.
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Paul Khela
Jun 17, 3:29 AM
A beautiful fishing pond, plenty of parking, a great walking trail.
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Frank Fani
Jun 5, 3:13 PM
Very clean and representative of the current local culture with a very neat and informative display of mining equipment. Sponsored by local coal/ng/crude folks and the presentation content shows it. Provides a great opportunity to briefly get a glimpse of what provides a livelyhood for many in the area. Area dedicated to fallen soldiers provides an opportunity for solemn reflection.
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Dean Velikaneye
Nov 29, 1:42 AM
I enjoy stopping here, the pond helps my kids get a little bit of a break on drives. Overall very nice, restroom was clean on every visit.
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Ed Hannahs
Aug 16, 11:57 PM
This is a nice rest stop. Has a dump station and clean facilities. Small picnic area and scenic pond.
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