Rick Phillips
Nov 30, 10:58 PM
Loves Country Store is kind of a quick shop on steroids. They have the regular things you expected in quick shop, plus a deli section and other items. I love going here.
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Dylan Mock
Nov 29, 11:43 AM
Gone donehill since Kat left. Poor management and things not being taken care of. Should make Cari the manager.
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Mr.D Woodz
Aug 27, 12:12 PM
Always open(late night/early morning) and stocked.
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Catherine Harpham
Jun 10, 12:19 AM
Always out of syrups. Broken machines. Long lines and not enough workers
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D R.
Jan 31, 3:57 AM
The Subway here gave me food poisoning for 12 hrs on Jan 29, 2016 from a spicy Italian. Had eaten there about 5 times before, but oh god this was bad, it...
Mari S.
Aug 29, 3:58 PM
Stopped in to go to subway....got mistaken for a guy lol happens a lot when I wear a ball cap but eh I'm used to it lol! Anyways the lady was so nice! She...
Looky Loon
Dec 15, 8:41 PM
They are always busy but don't waste my time. Make great Subway sandwiches and make them quickly. Good service and great attitudes.
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