AMBEST Fuel Stop

Javier Gomez
Apr 24, 5:38 PM
Went by at noon on a Friday, the place was in disarray. Primary purpose for the visit was to order tacos from their Laredo Taco kitchen. They had only 4-5 ingredients to choose from, and half of those were about gone. On a Friday at noon?! Skipped ordering food, went to browse the store aisles and had to dodge boxes and crates in the middle of the aisles. On a Friday at noon! Poorly managed store! Recommende passing it up, not worth your time.
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Manuel DeLeon
Mar 19, 11:38 PM
New girl working here has no customer service etiquite...I'll get her name next time...where do they find these people
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grissseldaaa g
Mar 4, 11:19 PM
Worst stripes ever. Cashier with piercings on her face was saying racial slurs about some construction workers that had just left the store.
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Bts 4life
Feb 2, 9:02 PM
Store is disgusting. Pumps are so filthy!
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Damon Fogley
Jan 28, 9:23 PM
Half the time the pumps either don't work or computer screens are down. Staff notified and they don't even bother doing anything about it
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