Patricia Perring
Jun 21, 6:17 PM
Beautiful view! Walking across the interstate was absolutely phenomenal and the view was spectacular! The photos were taken with my Samsung phone and they turned out amazing.
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Feb 21, 2:05 PM
It was a lot larger than I expected. The three doors gave me an impression that it was single units behind the doors. When I walked in, the place was huge, CLEAN, and heated!!!! That was important also because it was freezing outside. I was pleasantly surprised.
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Kathy Burton
Feb 18, 8:09 PM
Perfectly timed rest stop! Very clean. The people working there were exceptionally friendly. The Vietnam Memorial and historic markers are interesting. I like that there's a designated place to walk dogs... They were so excited to get out of the car for a few minutes and so delirious from all the intoxicating new scents they almost forgot to lift a leg. :)
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Brad Thompson
Jan 15, 5:10 PM
Great rest area with a beautiful overlook of the mountain terrain. Bring a good quality camera for this, cause you can see for miles. I would definitely recommend this a stop for tourists/ fellow travelers like me who are looking to find the beauty on this planet.
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Rea .
Jan 15, 3:31 PM
A very cute, unique, and interesting little rest stop! I learned a lot about the area, which is very nice. Plus the bathrooms were very clean. The landscaping was also nice. I didn't feel weird being there so late, which is always a plus.
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Fellow Trucker
Dec 19, 8:49 PM
no spots