James V.
Jun 26, 2:37 PM
So I stopped in to grab something to eat in the main sales area. I got a salad and then saw beef jerky on an end cap with a clearly posted notice of Buy...
Roger B
Jul 21, 11:54 PM
One of the best near St. Louis. Always good hot deli. Good wifi, smart parking lot but sometimes the cashiers seem preoccupied with texting to provide customer service. Rare at this location but as I wanted to use loyalty points and was not given a chance. Should be standard practice to ask...most do.
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Andrew Hoffmann
Jul 17, 5:02 PM
Quick and convenient. Lots of xhoices for food and drink. They also have a Cinnabon. Super delicious!
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Jason Gurr
Jul 10, 8:03 PM
Not bad but, I found it odd they were asking people If they wanted a receipt and with my purchase you would definitely want one but they didn't ask me and I had to walk back in and get it after thinking they had put it in the bag.
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Lisa Whited
Jun 5, 11:59 PM
Its a really large truck stop and its a very clean place. They are always well stocked. They have a huge selection of gifts also. They carry tons of fancy purses and lovely Jewelry! Just stopping to gift shop is fun!!♡♡♡ Love this place
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Milbern Kitterman
Apr 12, 5:32 AM
This place here has to many things to mention, but I will give it a shot. Flying J's is a truck stop that has gas when you first pull into the gas station and then it has air pumps good parking in front of the building handicap accessible one side of the building restaurant Denny's to be exact go inside the store you have showers you have cinnamon buns that are freshly cooked every morning you have hot wings and all other kinds of food pizza right there at the counter cold beverages candy beer alcohol poker machines that payout little living room area watch TV I think that's about it good place
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Sep 22, 4:56 AM
lot is full
Dennis S.
Aug 7, 7:54 AM
Flying J has always been one of my favorite "truck stop" filling stations. Since I was a kid, I loved the idea of taking a shower in a gas station. It was...
Jessica G.
Oct 11, 2:08 PM
Clean restrooms, plenty of open gas pumps. Along with shower and restroom facilities for truckers passing through, there's also a Denny's attached to the...