Border Crossing

Irving Morales
Jun 21, 4:01 AM
People who work here are unprofessional they will have only three windows open for like 100 plus people waiting
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Gustavo Casarrubias
May 20, 5:22 PM
Ok. I think a lot of people are a bit dramatic here. Yes sometimes there's a lot of traffic and seems to take for ever to come back to the USA. Depending on the time and day. I've only waited about 20 to 30 must of the times and yes I have a lot longer as well. Not all agents are as bad as people say. There's a lot of them that are cool and keep in mind that there's a lot stress and they are not there to socialize.
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Andy N.
May 18, 7:40 PM
This review is for anyone that's interested in learning more about crossing over to Mexico for a day trip, primarily in TJ. (All of this written...
Eva Zavala
Apr 22, 2:42 PM
Waited for over 4 hours on a Wednesday morning. Arrived a little before 4 am. Their is not number that actually work to speak to someone on behalf of this. To make matter worse the number given on line to call for a Waite time is sooooo wrong! It will give date and approximate time of call. I believe the most disappointing thing is the way one is treated by CBP agents at the gate. For the most part they are rude nasty with no Customer service respect to other human life. Not only are the disrespectful to adults but to children and the elderly.
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Wild Bill Wiederhold
Aug 26, 4:11 AM
The San Ysidro Port of entry is amongst the biggest and busiest in the world.they've recently remodeled support and I've got to tell you none of the agents seem to give a flying Hoot about anything other than keeping the wind go as slow as they possibly can. It's really too bad with all they are not able to expedite your crossing back into the United States.
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Lena Y.
Jul 20, 8:36 AM
Always under construction, but with the goal to make crossing the border safe and eventually more efficient. I like the updated pedestrian bridge and...
Sonia C.
Apr 6, 4:58 PM
Going into Mexico is the easy part. Getting back home !! Not so much! Thanks to trump! Blah It has taken us as long as 5 hours !!! Yes 5 fabulous hours...
Don Julio
Oct 26, 1:58 AM
Beautiful new facility with improved cross border times. Excellent service, I didn't mind having my bag searched, if it means protecting America.
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Vincent L.
Aug 16, 10:32 PM
There are multiple Yelp entries for the border crossings here in the San Ysidro area. From what I understand, the San Ysidro crossing technically refers to...
Leo Z.
Jun 26, 3:57 PM
Most of the border crossing from Mexico to USA feel like parking lots. The wait is sometimes horrible depending on time, date, location, and if you...
Estefany B.
Nov 21, 6:49 PM
About 8 or 9 years ago was the first time that I got the SENTRI pass, (for those of you who don't know what that is, it's essentially a fast-access card...