Keanu Hamilton
Feb 7, 5:26 PM
Only two showers, pretty standard Pilot. deli was closed but coffee bar is adequate
lots of spots
Fellow Trucker
Nov 1, 5:43 PM
lots of spots
Eternal Night
Jul 9, 2:51 AM
The restraunts in ts close early, and noone will deliver here. Parking is small, although staff is friendly. They are struggling, and have my sympathy. Kansas City sucks ass for truckers.
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Elmitote Arandas
May 24, 1:54 PM
Just a very quiet parking lot in a great place to REST lots of spots across street in case you needed
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Derek Worth
Feb 23, 1:32 PM
Gas station has been remodeled and is very nice, always clean and the staff is always friendly. Has a Dunkin Donuts attached to it which is nice. My only complaint has nothing to do with them, and that's that it is hard to get out of due to the traffic light.
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ghazi aldhhik
Nov 9, 7:03 PM
almost no parking lot for big truck two showers very clean nice food selection staff are friendly they are improving the parking lot
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Randy Myers
Oct 31, 7:59 PM
The Shell station has been torn down and there is a brand new Pilot there now
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Charley Clarissa
Jul 28, 9:58 PM
There aren't many places around. It's pretty convenient to get in and out. The bathrooms are cleaner than the other places. Snacks are fine. It's a good place to stop.
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Melodie Vobrak
Dec 7, 12:06 AM
Deli closes realy early! 3 pm!
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Jason Nepolis
Jan 29, 12:50 AM
1 cashier very pleasant, the other very rude. Attitude unacceptable,made me feel unwelcomed for having to do her own job. I will spend my time and money elswhere next time.
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Michael Shaw
Jul 21, 3:15 PM
od quality has deteriorated since the new management. Portions have been reduced, Prices are up. Disrespectful and inconsiderate to their trucking customers. Dirty restrooms. Window washing water is so disgusting it will make your Windows dirtier. And every last window scrubber is broken.
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Andrew Hunt
Dec 3, 2:04 AM
Great little gas station with a great selection of merchandise you would find in a large chain truck stop without the large chain truckstop price. Food from the diner or deli is excellent. Ample parking for drivers across the street.
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