Walmart Supercenter

Wendy Wendel
Oct 15, 2:25 AM
had to do some shopping. omg they got new coolers and changed the grocery part all around... good luck finding the spot of what u r looking for... it is like a treasure hunt. however I still love my local wally world
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Suzy Greene
Sep 25, 7:07 PM
Very clean, even though they are moving a couple of departments around. All the employees we encountered or talked to were very nice and helpful. Nice large store with lots to choose from.
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Alan Brown
Sep 14, 1:45 PM
Typical Walmart Supercenter. Everything under one roof. Friendly staff. Clean store. Reasonable prices. Plenty of parking. They are trying to get customers to self checkout so if you want a human cashier, be wait as they only have 2-3 lanes open at a time typically. Lots of self checkout lanes.
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Gertrud Kuhl
Sep 13, 3:45 PM
Not very conducive to shopping. Some shelves were empty. Walmart moves things around so I can't find what I need. Employees were helpful when you could find one.
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alice penwell
Aug 28, 11:43 AM
There's never enough registers open, but, it is the only large department store in our area so there are many many many customers. Even having multiple registers open there will still will still be lines because of the amount of people in our area. I feel they do their best to keep the customers happy
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