Walmart Supercenter

Eric T
Jun 20, 4:01 PM
We like shopping at this Wal-Mart. Usually have most things in stock. Friendliness of employees varies.
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Kyle Bell
Jun 3, 6:50 PM
Cleanest walmart I've ever been to. Not crowded either and has everything you need!
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Tommy Bellomy
May 30, 3:40 PM
Very timely, less than 10 minutes considering the number of other customers waiting for their pick items. The associate that delivered the items was very contious of making sure it was the correct order. He was also very courteous and professional in talking with me and letting me know when he had finished loading my items.
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Gloria Hilliard
May 28, 1:27 AM
Was actually a very quick trip thru the store. Then I hit the checkout lanes! Long lines, so I settled in yo wait. Then a new register opened, I hopped over there & quickly was out the door!! Yippee!!
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Suzy Greene
Sep 25, 7:07 PM
Very clean, even though they are moving a couple of departments around. All the employees we encountered or talked to were very nice and helpful. Nice large store with lots to choose from.
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