Joseph DeWolfe
Jul 24, 4:13 PM
Service people are good, restaurant is terrible attitude of servers and staff sucks. Is it any wonder no one or few people are eating there especially when the lot is jammed with trucks. This is a sleep stop we all go somewhere else for food. I recommend wholesale firing of restaurant staff and management. Who shuts down the kitchen before you actually close. No restaurant I worked for ever did.
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Edward Markovitz
Jul 14, 2:45 AM
I slept well there, nobody bother me even though I wasn't parked in a legal spot, most places mess with you when you're not in the right spots. Very pleasant wake up nobody bothered me and I got a good cup of coffee from them this morning
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Tim Mebruer
Jun 27, 11:01 PM
Went to eat supper at buffet No chicken or any other meat available. Was told they'd have some right out. Made one trip to salad bar. Finished salad still no chicken. Waited another 20 minutes, still no chicken. Had to get going so asked waitress for bill. I was charged $ 8.92 for one trip to the salad bar and a glass of water. What a rip off. Never stopping at a petrol to eat again
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John Vickrey
May 26, 8:44 PM
Nice place to stop for fill-up with clean restrooms. Attendants friendly enough and the gift shop has something for everyone to make their road trip a little more enjoyable. I have yet to visit the restaurant, but there are always people there eating which says something about the food.
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Steven Dycus
May 9, 5:35 PM
We stopped here during a strong thunderstorm while on the interstate traveling southbound. It was early and we were the first ones seated for breakfast in the expansive dining room. Service was prompt friendly and attentive. Food quality was on par with other truck stops we’ve visited before — think roadside diner with a huge dining room. The decor was exclusively western theme and family friendly. Clean. Well maintained and a huge well lit parking lot.
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