David Scott Hoppal
Jun 20, 12:24 AM
Ok don't like style of petro much rather go if fuel Island on each side instead of such long walk for disabled
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Joshua Morrison
Jun 16, 3:41 PM
I stopped here for fuel, it's out of the way and at the convergence of Interstates 35E and 35W south of Dallas, TX. The staff were friendly and welcoming. The facilities are clean and manageable. The restaurants looked good however, they were open that morning. If I ever stop there again I'll have to sample the food.
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Terri Carter
Jun 10, 3:53 PM
This is an amazing place to stop for a quick snack break! Very clean! They have laundry, showers and their store had everything from knickknacks to CB radio equipment! I must stop on your way to fun!
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will guenther
Jun 9, 3:51 AM
Been coming here for many years. What happened to this place it’s disgusting. Used to be such a nice place. Restaurant is closed. No hot food in truck stop. Pathetic at best. It’s a truck stop..... nothing here for Truck Drivers.... What happened??????!
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Sandy Blankenship
Jun 7, 9:39 PM
Restroom was clean and well stocked Shower was clean and well stocked.
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Thomas Bongiovi
Jun 1, 1:49 AM
A very nice place well taken care of
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George W.
Jan 19, 7:37 AM
We stopped here twice driving to/from Austin. Clean restrooms, fair price at the pump and a Dunkin Donuts inside too. Convenience store for soft drinks and snacks as well.
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K S Nidhin
Jan 6, 1:53 AM
Nice rest stop. Very clean store which has a Dunkin donuts inside. The rest rooms are pretty big and clean. They have showers too. Well maintained.
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Chris Jackson
Jan 3, 6:33 PM
Went here to eat at the Iron Skillet, only to find out it only stays open until 11pm...quite disappointed, but thats the way things go.
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Angela Murray
Dec 27, 10:35 PM
Iced coffee is good. Pizza is ok
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Ladonna Nickason
Nov 22, 8:59 PM
This is where I stop every time while traveling to and from Dallas area. Great food! Very clean restrooms and the employees are outstanding. Fresh hot coffee!
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Steven Dycus
May 9, 5:35 PM
We stopped here during a strong thunderstorm while on the interstate traveling southbound. It was early and we were the first ones seated for breakfast in the expansive dining room. Service was prompt friendly and attentive. Food quality was on par with other truck stops we’ve visited before — think roadside diner with a huge dining room. The decor was exclusively western theme and family friendly. Clean. Well maintained and a huge well lit parking lot.
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joseph Young
Mar 22, 5:06 AM
Going straight to the avoid list on my gps and I have only been here 15 minutes. Paid for prime parking and got here to find out that the iron skillet was closed...was looking forward to a hot meal and have never seen an Iron skillet close at night like this. Light in the reserved parking lot is blinking...maybe there is a good reason for this but it sure is annoying as hell.
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Collin Muesse
Dec 25, 10:55 PM
All around a great place. Good food and excellent service.
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Humeyra Ulusoy Erol
Dec 22, 11:06 AM
Very nice gas station and stopping center with Dunkin Donuts and a restaurant inside. Clean and neat environment. There was even jazz/coffee house music playing outside. Laundry and shower available as well as WesternUnion.
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