Walmart Supercenter

Brenda Difloure
May 31, 6:44 PM
Went to Walmart to get a haircut and the hairdresser did an awesome job of cutting my long thick hair short! ( Simply Smart) ? ? Thanks Andrea! ?
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courtney marie
May 25, 6:24 PM
Busy and hectic. But good place for when other spots don't have what you need. Great deals in there too.
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Audrey Lane
Mar 17, 4:20 AM
Nice employees. A good selection of items, with a few awesome vegan/vegetarian products like Veganaise (for anyone with these diets or a little healthier alternative). Have shopped here for as long as I can remember. Love the self-check outs.
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Ninna Pingstock
Mar 11, 8:55 PM
Used a register with a cashier because it is usually easier when I have gift cards. This time, the cashier was more interested in what was going on everywhere else rather than paying attention to what she was doing. Fiddling with her name badge, taking a drink from her cup, etc. Had the line held up because she simply didn't want to do her job. Was there for 20 min in line because of this one cashier.
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Language Learner
Jul 21, 12:21 AM
People there are rude. CSM's will actually well at customers. Hard to get help in some departments, like electronics and sporting goods. Prices are okay, but people are rude everywhere. Not a reason to give up great deals!
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