Walmart Supercenter

Amber Opphile
Oct 16, 4:57 PM
The only reason I give this place two stars is because of the employees being some of the most polite people I've met in a Walmart. Bathrooms are always filthy, you can never get what you need because there aren't enough people out, working to put anything on the shelves, and generally, the most crowded Walmart I've ever been to. There's never anybody working on the registers and if there is, it's only maybe one or two if you're lucky. You can't tell me Walmart doesn't make enough to hire people because it's busy 24/7 at this particular Walmart. There's no excuse. If it weren't for working nearby, I'd never come here. Coshocton is so much better.
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Misty Schweitzer
Sep 24, 9:57 PM
Walmart was not to bad today. But tired of checking myself out and having it make me Reagan a hundred times. I dont work there...its not my job. I'm not saving money by checking myself out. One cashier working.. not cool
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Hailley Cornell
Jul 18, 3:46 AM
It's your typical Walmart. Nothing too bad, but nothing special. They could work better on keeping shelves stocked. Oftentimes, only a few registers are open; I always opt for self check-out. Many employees are helpless if you need assistance, however the other half have stopped to ask if I needed help and greet me with a smile and friendliness. I stop here regularly as they have next to anything you could need.
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becky wassem
Jun 25, 3:47 PM
The bakery and it's staff are the best! Also, highly recommend the deli. Best place in town for fresh chicken and lots more.
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Randall Alleshouse
Jun 20, 10:28 AM
Good. Except. Two register for the evening sales. I understand about having too many people on duty. But someone should should do a better job of scheduling.
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