Robyn DeBoer
Jun 16, 9:46 PM
East and west bound are accommodating. Thank u Washington State
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Einstein Jr
Jun 15, 2:21 AM
Thank God for rest areas and the fact that they're well-maintained these days
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Kevin Burke
Oct 17, 3:58 AM
Great View heading back to Wisconsin !!
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gerry freeman
May 19, 7:34 AM
Good place to wait for rush hour to get over. I enjoyed the time and rest from rush hour. I didn't have any problems getting to Ellensburg and the rest of the day was worth the time I stopped at the rest area.
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Fellow Trucker
Mar 8, 8:05 PM
many spots
Vladimir Polozov
Nov 28, 6:54 PM
Very nice place to stop for a rest, walk, nap. Everything is nice and clean and very well maintained. Lots of tables and Benches.
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Fellow Trucker
Jul 20, 6:25 PM