General Stores US-64/412 EB Biscuit Hill Travel Plaza I-40 EB, Exit 192 Kanza Travel Plaza I-35 NB, Exit 231 Central Truck Stop 27 I-35/44 NB, Exit 137 Guthrie Travel Center I-35 NB, Exit 157 Gore's Travel Plaza US-270 EB Springer Travel Center/Plaza I-35 NB, Exit 40 Service Area I-44 WB Service Area I-44 EB/WB Service Area I-44 EB Service Area I-44 EB/WB Service Area I-44 EB/WB Tonkawa Trading Post I-35 NB, Exit 214 Choctaw Travel Plaza OK-37 SB Ed's Truck Stop I-40 WB, Exit 311 Bar-H-Bar I-40 WB, Exit 200 Hobo Truck Stop US-54 EB Ninnekah Quick Stop US-81 NB Sunmart I-35 SB, Exit 42 Fast Lane Travel Plaza I-40 WB, Exit 84 JW's Travel Stop US-70/81 WB Speedy's US-69 SB QuikTrip #102 I-44 EB, Exit 222 Casey's General Store I-35 SB, Exit 214 FireLake Grand Travel Plaza I-40 WB, Exit 178 Sallisaw Travel Center I-40 EB, Exit 308 Cherokee Travel Plaza I-40 WB, Exit 325 Star Travel Plaza I-35 SB, Exit 91 Sunmart Travel Plaza I-35 NB, Exit 186 Ampride Travel Plaza US-177 SB Pro Mart Travel Plaza I-35 NB, Exit 72 Cowboy Travel Plaza I-35 NB, Exit 174 Creek Nation Travel Plaza US-75 SB Five Star Truck Stop I-35 SB, Exit 137 E-Express I-240 EB, Exit 7 Checkers Truck Stop I-40 WB, Exit 127 EZ Go #40 US-69 NB Creek Nation Travel Plaza US-69 SB Arena Plaza I-40 EB, Exit 321 Circle K I-35 NB, Exit 15 Tony's Truck Stop US-81 SB Choctaw Travel Plaza US-59 NB Pump N Pete's US-75 NB Copan Truck Stop US-75 NB Jiffy Trip US-412 WB Jiffy Trip US-64 EB Cherokee Truck Stop I-40 WB, Exit 108 Jiffy Trip I-35 NB, Exit 222 Buffalo Ranch Travel Center I-44 EB, Exit 302 Domino Travel Plaza US-412 EB Fiesta Mart US-75 NB H&Z Mart US-75 SB Checotah Stop I-40 WB, Exit 264 108 Food & Fuel I-40 EB, Exit 108 Expo Stop US-177/270 SB Lindsay Truck Plaza OK-19 NB Littlefield Express #23 I-40 EB, Exit 325 Main Street Truck Stop OK-51 NB Pauls Valley Travel Center I-35 SB, Exit 72 Pawnee Nation Travel Plaza US-412 WB QuikTrip #72 US-62 WB Food Plaza I-40 WB, Exit 130 Star Mart US-64/69 WB Fast Trax US-69 NB The Station II US-59/412 SB Conoco I-35 NB, Exit 55 Pendleton Truck Stop I-40 EB, Exit 53 Four Corners OK-33 WB Truck Stop I-40 WB, Exit 26 Sooner CO-OP US-60 WB Chickasaw Travel Stop I-35 NB, Exit 1 Phillips 66 US-81 SB ASAP General Store US-81 NB C&H One Stop US-75 NB Casey's General Store I-35 NB, Exit 222 Crossroads Express US-83 NB Domino Fuel Stop I-40 EB, Exit 66 Hop-In US-59 SB Kings Travel Plaza US-69 SB Service Area I-44 EB Latta Truck Stop US-377 SB Kent's Truck Stop I-35 NB, Exit 66 Service Area INTP NB/SB Fiesta Mart I-40 WB, Exit 278 The Turtle Stop US-60 EB Tushka Truck Stop US-75 NB Cowboy Corner I-40 WB, Exit 237 Service Area OK-351 NB/SB Chickasha Travel Plaza US-62 WB Blondie's Truck Stop US-75/270 SB Shepherds US-64 WB Kwick Stop I-40 EB, Exit 176 El-Tipi Truck Stop US-283 SB Monday's Stop N Shop US-75 NB Sac N Pac US-271 NB Kum & Go #1837 OK-51 NB Pump n Petes US-169 SB Leo & Ken's Truck Stop I-44 WB, Exit 36A Cromwell Kings Travel Plaza I-40 EB, Exit 212 Truck Stop US-54 EB Service Area US-412 EB/WB 259 One Stop US-259 SB Kum & Go #0880 US-412 EB/WB Sunmart Travel Plaza I-35 SB, Exit 186 City Mart I-35 SB, Exit 120 Flash Mart I-35 NB, Exit 129 Domino Express US-270 EB Service Area INTP NB/SB QuikTrip #71 I-44 WB, Exit 238 ASAP General Store US-183 NB EZ Go #60 US-62 EB Ioway Travel Plaza US-177 SB Shell I-35 SB, Exit 15 Choctaw Travel Plaza OK-3 SB Okemah Travel Center I-40 WB, Exit 221 E-Z Mart US-69 NB